How it works

How it works:

In a few simple steps, you can offer online design and sales to your customers.

Sign up

Once you sign up to use our software, you can get started with your store set up.

Set up

With your existing website, you create a page to put our software on. We give you a snippet of code to put on that page. When the page is live, it loads your custom store off of our server onto your website.

Once you have all of your products, imagery, pricing and payment gateway setup, when the customer comes to that page, they can use the designer to choose a product from a category, design on that product, then save it for later, or


The customer can proceed to purchase through the built-in checkout.

From there, you login to the admin tool at and view the details of the order and the design as the customer placed it. You can print out the design as a pdf, take it into your vector software (Illustrator/Corel/etc.), make any tweaks to the design for production, then proceed to production.